COVID-19 Vaccinations 

We are working with the Canterbury District Health Board to help get our region across the 90% vaccination rate.  We understand that the vaccination discussion and decision is important – we can help with this.  If you would like to discuss your vaccination please contact our reception team to request a  vaccination discussion / consultation with your general practitioner – this is free service with no cost to you.


Keeping Unvaccinated Patients Safe

Under the current traffic light system, we are committed to ensuring that all of our patients and staff are kept safe within the practice.  

Please ensure that when you call to make a booking, you confirm your vaccination status with our reception team.  This will enable us to meet your healthcare needs and to keep you safe. 

If you are unvaccinated please do no enter the practice.  We ask that you wait in your car and phone the practice when you arrive so we know you are here. 

Please come alone if possible, this includes children, partners and family members. 

We have found that telephone consultations have worked well in many situations and we will continue to offer these when appropriate to our unvaccinated patients. Please be aware normal charging applies to telephone consults. 

Please sanitise your hands when entering the practice.

It is compulsory to QR scan when entering the practiceif you do not have use the QR scanning AP please manually record your name, date of arrival and date of departure on the slips next to the Covid Tracer Box at reception. 

Everyone who enters the practice must wear a face mask unless you have a medical exemption to do so. 

Refusal to wear a face mask, unless due to medical exemption, will result in the cancellation of your appointment and you will be requested to leave the practice. 

Thank you for working with us to achieve a safe practice – we are keen to continue to provide the highest standard of care that we can in these different times.