Ferry Road changes

There have been a lot of changes at Ferry Road Medical Centre. Dr Kevin Lee retired in 2016 and Dr Lynette Murdoch retired at the end of 2018. Their patients are being very well looked after by our team of Doctors and Nurses.

Dr Ian Currie and Dr Les Toop have worked at Ferry Road Medical Centre for over 20 years. Two new doctors have joined our practice recently; Dr Su Yee and Dr Geraldine Campbell. Su has worked in our practice on and off since June 2017, and Geraldine worked with us for six months in 2017. As well, our Nurse Practitioner, Gill Currie, continues to work with us and has her own patients.

Our Practice Nurses, Shyrell, Catherine and Lisa, are also available for appointments for their range of Nursing services.

Although we would encourage you to see the same provider on each of your visits, you are welcome to make an appointment with any of our Doctors or the Nurse Practitioner, depending on availability.

We have had changes at our Reception Desk also. Kerri left us after almost four years to pursue other challenges. We welcome Dallas who has joined Maddy on the front desk and we are looking forward to having her on the team.

Our current Practice Manager, Kathy, will be retiring the end of October. A new appointment to this position will be announced when it is confirmed.

As always, we welcome any comments on the services that we provide. A comment box is situated in the waiting room for your convenience.